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Curtis Snow Plow
Curtis plows are a one piece, one step
process. Major time savings is offered with
our exclusive, near automatic Hitch-N-Run
System. This is a pinless, spring loaded
device that works in unison with a patented
hitch system
Hide-Away Mount Kit:
Sleek, clean and professional are words used to
describe our remaining receiver frame when the
plow is removed. This tucked away mount
system was a fundamental goal of our Sno-Pro
3000 design team. We encourage you to
compare our system to our competitors to realize
the difference yourself.
1. Hide-Away Hydraulics®:
Our hydraulic cavity tucks away our power
system. No belts or pulleys under the hood,
and no ugly box on the front of your truck. A
1/4" skid plate and gasketted top cover are
standard features. This system also allows
superior airflow to radiator.  
2. Pinless Snap Lock System:
This innovative spring loaded device works in
unison with our patent pending hitch system.
This system allows the attachment and
removal of the plow within seconds.  
3. Power Plug/Weather Cap:
All functions, including power, controls, and
lights, are integrated into our exclusive power
plug harness. This plug mounts to a sturdy
metal bracket designed into our plow
receiver frame. A special weather cap
protects the male end when the plow is not in
4. Extended Push-Frame:
Clearly the widest on the market, it measures
4-feet end-to-end. This extended width
means superior distribution of force through
the plow system and not the vehicle’s frame.  
Home Plow by Meyer
The Home Plow connects with Quick-Link™:
an easy-to-use component that slides into a
Class 3, 2-inch front receiver hitch.
It has a small hydraulic power unit for power-
up/gravity-down operation. Integrated
mounting wheels let you attach or remove the
plow in less than a minute, leaving no visible
hardware behind.

Pro Series Spreaders
The Pro series tailgate spreaders from
SnowEx are ideal for contractors who service
small accounts, as well as those who simply
wish to free up their truck beds. These
spreaders quickly mount to a standard 2-inch
receiver hitch and provide precise
application. For tough bulk materials, the
Bulk Pro models feature SnowEx’s patented
auger system, vibrator and dual variable
speed controller.