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Malone Microsport Tariler
Designed specifically for the outdoor sports
industry, these premium built sport trailers
are perfect for kayaks, canoes, cargo boxes
and bikes. The trailer can be assembled in
approximately 3 hours using common tools.
Each units come complete with 12" wheels,
8' heavy duty tongue, 65" corrosion resistant
steel load bars and are proudly made in the
MicroSport™ MPG460G
MicroSport™ XT MPG460XT
Upgraded Base Trailer
The MicroSport™ XT is an enhanced Base
Trailer featuring a retractable tongue kit for
easy storage. The aluminum spoke wheels
and diamond plate aluminum fenders deliver
a great overall custom look.
The 8' tongue can be retracted in seconds
allowing the trailer to be stored vertically
against a wall taking up less than 11 sq. ft. of
MicroSport™ Two Kayak
Package MPG461G2
Two Kayak J-Style Carrier Package
With Spare Tire
The MPG461G2 trailer, with two sets of J-
Pro2™ kayak carriers and 12" spare tire is the
perfect choice when you have two kayaks and
need extra space for a full size cargo box, bike
or just extra gear.
Ships UPS or FedX ground in 5 easy to
manage cartons.
MicroSport™ Two Kayak
Package MPG461GS
Two Kayak V-Style Carrier Package
With Spare Tire
V-style carriers are designed to transport the
kayaks in a bottom-down manner to improve
gas mileage through lower wind resistance.
This trailer package includes two sets of
MPG107MD SeaWing™ kayak carriers and
spare tire with locking attachment.
MicroSport™ Two Kayak
Package MPG461GU
Two Kayak Saddle Style Carrier Package
With Spare Tire
Large heavy sit-on-top and fishing kayaks
usually require additional support for safe
travel. The MPG461GU trailer is bundled with
MPG109F SaddleUp™ kayak carriers to meet
the most rugged transport requirements.
Made in the USA. Five year warranty. 355 LB
MicroSport™ Four Kayak
Package MPG462G2
Four Kayak J-Style Carrier Package
With Spare Tire
Bring the whole family or friends with this
multi-boat kayak trailer. This package is set
up to safely transport four kayaks, each up to
19' in length or 75 LB in weight.
Includes an upgraded 78" long heavy duty
load bar, 12" spare tire and four sets of J-
PRO2™ kayak carriers.