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Truck Tool Boxes
WEATHER GUARD® Saddle Boxes are the toughest truck
boxes in the business. Our saddle box suspends from the
side rails of your pickup truck, allowing for plenty of room
underneath. All WEATHER GUARD Aluminum and Steel
Crossover Boxes are built with the same tough features to
keep your tools safe and secure.
EXTREME PROTECTION™ Lock — protects against break-
ins and has tamper-resistant retracting lock
90° cover opening for easy access
Crimp-free/drill-free install mounting brackets
Body channel for extra strength
Level storage secures 48" level
Full weather seal
12V access for electrical up-fits
Automotive style latch with smooth "one touch" opening
Latch linkage protection
Reduced clearance cover
Hi. We carry a full line of truck tool
boxes and liquid transfer tanks.
Call 330-376-5120 for price and fit
The Single Lid Series* from UWS is a
lower-profile box with lids opening to a full 90
degrees; thus easily allowing it to be loaded
with large and bulky items. Two super-duty lift
cylinders help raise and hold the Structural
Foamed Lid* open. Single lid boxes are the
most popular selling box because of their
large capacity and easy to use features. UWS
boxes are built like vaults secure and sealed
against the elements.
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Liquid transfer tanks